Riding dual sport motorcycles around the Great Salt Lake, the Loop the Lake trip is sort of a “go-to” route when it’s time to get on the bikes and twist the throttle, but you don’t have a long weekend or a week to get away. On this particular trip, Darth and I met at Antelope Island State Park, took backroads to a forbidden causeway, then hopped on the old historic Golden Spike rail bed. After dodging ancient spikes that would ruin your whole day, we made the obligatory stop in Lucin (pronounced Lou-Sin, unbeknownst to us prior). Unfortunately, we saw no evidence of Lucin’s most famous current and only resident, as reported here by KSL. After stretching our legs under an ancient cottonwood tree by the Lucin pond, we watched a working train go by which held none of the nostalgia of the old railroad: something about graffiti stained boxcars doesn’t do much to conjure up images of the old steam engines, but there you have it. Back on the road, and we scanned the horizon for evidence of the Beefmaster Ranch, which was announced by a sign more or less in the middle of nowhere. We debated taking the road all the way to Wendover, or doubling-down on adventure and going to for the salt flats. As we were stopped with helmets off and maps out, two bright stars approached and we knew these were motorbikes riding side by side, rather than a 4-wheeled vehicle. We paused a few minutes longer to say hello to two oncoming dual sport riders who were heading the way we came, and when they asked us if we knew of any good camping spots, we recommended Lucin. One rider was aboard a GS 1200 in the anniversary colors, and the other on a tried-and-true KTM 950. It was here we left the road for the last stretch to Wendover, which had us coasting in on fumes over some dicey salt flats. Dicey because on this occasion they were dry and rideable with just a little bit of tire squirm, but previous adventures on these same flats yielded nothing but woe and misery. Video below is just the causeway segment. Enjoy.


GSL Father’s Day Moto from Its All About The Bike on Vimeo.

A counter clockwise 2-day dual sport ride around the Great Salt Lake.

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