While I assemble all my photos, video clips, and words for a story about our June Adventure Moto trip down to Boulder Mountain, Capitol Reef National Park, Escalante, the Henry Mountains, and back home to northern Utah via Skyline Drive, Jason Sager has put together this great video teaser with GoPro clips shot throughout the entire trip. We had crashes, broken bikes, stolen tents, spilled beer, epic camp spots, treacherous stretches of deep sand, snow crossings, and much more. Hopefully this will get you all moistened up for a more detailed trip journal.

Brotorcycling around Utah from Sager Sports on Vimeo.

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3 Responses to 888 Mile Brotorcycle Trip

  1. Brotoe says:

    I wish I was there and you were here.

  2. Ripp says:

    I wish I was there and you were here……

  3. Moto says:

    Jake, you missed out. Next time?

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