It’s about that time of year, every year, when my brain starts to switch over to snow mode. I squeezed in a ride last weekend, because, you know, everyone was saying “this might be the last weekend to twist the throttle for awhile.” Next comes cold weather, snow, ski season, battery tender, and looking back on not enough trips taken, not enough things done on the bike that I wanted to do.

Another perspective is to stay positive and be thankful for the riding that was done, trips taken, accidents avoided, friends made, places seen. One of my goals for this post was to comb through all the photos of the season and try to narrow it down to the top-ten, and I may still do just that, but right now, I couldn’t even narrow it down to the top 100. So I leave you with this:

Memories of Motorcycling in Morocco.

It's been real, boys. Hey, are you going to finish that?

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