Lance Armstrong wrote a bestselling autobiography titled It’s Not About The Bike after he “won” his first Tour de France. It was a New York Times Bestseller, and introduced many people to the indomitable spirit who then went on to “win” 6 more TDFs. We all know now how that story went. But this blog is not about Lance. Far from it. If you want to read about Lance, just Google the guy.

Counterpoint. This site is called It’s All About The Bike. Any kind of bike. Many kinds of bikes. My bikes, your bikes, anybody’s bikes. Motorbikes and pedal bikes. There are bike riders we like, and some we love to hate. We have taken an occasional look at the dark side of the sport, just read our posts filed under The Juice. We like to write about adventure motorcycle riding and the trips some of us have taken all over the western United States, when we have the time. More often than not, you’ll just find rants and musings from the perspectives of a few different folks who, once the training wheels came off, have not looked back since.

If you ever want to chat about motorbikes, line up a bike ride, rant about doping in the peloton, buy us a beer or just say hello, just drop us a line:

email: moto@itsallaboutthebike.com

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6 Responses to About

  1. moto says:

    Tom, BIKE EXIF rules. I saw that bike from their e-mail newsletter earlier in the week. A classic for sure.

  2. Matt Hansen says:

    Nice job on this site. My buddy Steve Fry shot me the link to it. I have a quick question… How do you like the Remus Exhaust? Worth the dough?


  3. moto says:

    Hey Matt, thanks for stopping by. On my F800 GS, I run the stock exhaust. Darth Nater runs a Remus exhaust and headers on his, and seems to like the growl of the aftermarket set-up. One note, it has limited his choices in skid plates, because it seems most of the aftermarket skid plates interfere with the larger header pipes. I’ll see if I can get Darth to add to this thread with his thoughts.

  4. love the blog

    keep it up

  5. moto says:

    Thanks, Myles!

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