Morocco Photo of the Day: 2/22/2012

For today’s Morocco POD, I give you a double bonus. In a previous post, our fearless guide jogged my memory by describing a location that I was having a hard time remembering. My memory is often inexplicably tied to food, and all it took was for Tim to mention the last Tajine with the whole […]

Beers of Morocco

If you were thinking this was going to be a lengthy post about all the different beers we sampled while touring Morocco on KTM enduro bikes, sorry to disappoint. Morocco is predominantly a Muslim country, and they just don’t drink a lot of alcohol. So if the kind of motorcycle touring you like to do […]

Safe In The Barn

As painful as it was to hear updates from Darth and Esteban while they were having THE epic moto adventure of the year, it was damn good to know they were shiny side up and not encountering any major issues. So I welcomed the occasional photos of their shenanigans, even though they were painful reminders […]