Adventure On A 1930s Vintage Harley Davidson

This was supposed to be a 2012 New Year’s Resolution post, all about looking forward to riding more, drinking less, being helpful to fellow mankind, all that altruistic looking forward type of stuff. I’ll be honest. After how 2011 closed down for me, it’s hard to muster any sort of goodwill and cheer. I lost […]

A Post Mortem On the Moto Season That Was

It’s about that time of year, every year, when my brain starts to switch over to snow mode. I squeezed in a ride last weekend, because, you know, everyone was saying “this might be the last weekend to twist the throttle for awhile.” Next comes cold weather, snow, ski season, battery tender, and looking back […]

On Top Of Pine Cone Ridge, Park City Mountain Resort

Using a little trickery with an iPhone app called TiltShift Generator, this is what the view looked like, gazing back towards Scott’s Bowl. I was standing right under the Full Moon Bowl trail sign, waiting for a couple guys who were on snowboards. They had to hike this little section, giving me the moment to […]