The 2013 edition of the Crusher in the Tushar is just a few days away, and I can’t hold the cards to my chest any longer. It’s a funny game. The first year, the choice was all about mountain bike vs. cyclocross bike. I rode what I had at the time, with very little Crusher-specific modifications, and ended up winning the 40-49 category, and posting the fastest amateur time. Then, the obsession began to improve my weaponry. Disc brakes were needed. Better gearing. Although the bike I rode in year 2 seemed better fit for the race, I didn’t have the legs, and I flatted on the big down hill. No secrets here. Our new team, Squadra Flying Tigers, is sponsored by Jamis Bicyclesfor the 2013-2014 cyclocross season, and the Crusher is our coming out party. You will see me piloting a Jamis Supernova carbon bike, with my own tweaks and twizzles to make the 5 hours go by a little faster. Hopefully a lot faster. It’s a personal goal of mine to finish, and finish under 5 hours. Good luck, all ye Crushers. Let the games begin.

Clemente MXP tubular tires on Enve wheels

Check out my new tire sponsor: Me.

Jamis Supernova Crusher Bike

Flying Tigers sticker and a can of gooey air.

Jamis Supernova Crusher Bike

Channeling my inner Charly Mottet

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