I read with great interest the entire 48 page PDF Arbitration document regarding Kirk O’Bee’s recently delivered LIFETIME BAN from competitive cycling. It’s not just a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo. It reads like a good mystery story, complete with a woman scorned, forensic hard drive analysis, and lots of names of other cyclists who now are going to have to do some ‘splaining. I’m talking about you, Nathan O’Neill. I’ve raced in a few races with O’Bee back in the day when I was still trying to race with the big boys. Got my ass kicked by him and many others. But I guess I was one place better than I thought. I have good, close friends who were at one time team mates with O’Bee. I wonder if their salaries would have been a little better had O’Bee not been on their team? How much team budget did this jackass eat up? What races did they not get chosen to go to, because O’Bee was on the roster? Who knows. What I do know is this, regarding the money we pay in license fees and club fees to USA Cycling, too much of it is going to attorneys tied up in arbitration hearings for dopers! We the dues paying members are paying for this shit! I propose to USA Cycling, that every time a cyclist is sanctioned, results nullified, and ordered to pay back winnings, they should also have to pay back every licensed rider and club a portion of the legal fees incurred by USA Cycling. That’s where the money is going. What do you think?

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