I did extensive research on the best aftermarket handguards for my BMW F800 GS. The bike comes stock with handlebar weights at the end of the bars, but no handguards. Dualsport riders, you know the drill: if you dump your bike in the dirt, your clutch and brake levers are exposed and prone to damage. This happened on my KTM 640 Adventure, and even with the stock plastic handguards, I bent a clutch lever which required replacing, and probably bent the master cylinder piston, which resulted in a leaking master cylinder. At first, I was interested in the Touratech plastic ones, which mount on the ends keeping the stock BMW handlebar weights intact. I wanted something with more protection, preferably with a metal bar for reinforcement. I also didn’t want to deal with making something fit that really wasn’t designed to fit, like some of the more moto-oriented ones out there. I settled on the BMW accessories model, made for BMW by Touratech. These are not sold in the Touratech catalog, and you can only get them through a BMW dealer. They feature a beefy tubular steel bar and a hardware kit that replaces the handlebar weights, but reusing the stock Torx bolts on the ends. Installation was a breeze, after a trip to Home Depot for a 40 Torx socket which was not previously in my toolkit. The instructions came complete in a dozen or so languages; I tried going Dutch, but quickly flipped around to find the English section. It took about 20 minutes, and after snugging up the bolts to the recommended Torque settings, I can say they are rock solid, and I hope I never need them. The plastic shields won’t do much good to block the wind, but there is an add-on spoiler kit for more hand protection, which I think runs about $40. Not sure if it’s worth it.

Next up for review: a post-trip account of my experiences with the Giant Loop Moto Great Basin Saddle Bag

Detail of left side BMW handguard.

Detail of left side BMW handguard.

Front view of the left BMW handguard.

Front view of the left BMW handguard.

Back view of the left BMW handguard.

Back view of the left BMW handguard.

Close up view of the right clamp, BMW handguard.

Close up view of the right clamp, BMW handguard.

15 Responses to More Farkles: BMW F800 GS Handguards

  1. Mark Bennett says:

    You gotta love such an cleverly conceived and elegantly executed bit of engineering.

  2. moto says:

    Mark, true that, plus the stock handlebar weights make great little paper weights. Now if I only had some paper.

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  6. Arne Haaland says:

    I have just bought my BMW OEM hanguard kit from eBay, and it dosn’t fit.
    It suppose to be an easy job, but it seems like I have to cut of some of the steering weights to make it fit.
    As I can see from the pictures there’s a slot where the metalbar fit into I don’t have that on mine.
    I have a F 800 GS 2011.
    I hope you understand what I mean, I’m Norwegian….

  7. Moto says:

    Arne, it sounds to me like the kit you bought from ebay did not come with all the required parts. You should not have to cut the original counter weights. You take the existing counter weights off, and replace them with supplied aluminum ones that are already slotted for the end of the hand guard bar. On my bike, the old weights were black (and quite heavy) and the supplied ones with the kit were lightweight aluminum.

  8. Arne Haaland says:

    Moto; I have seen in the BMW OEM catalog , and it didn’t show the counter weights with the slots.
    I have to contact the lokal BMW dealer at monday to get the kit right.
    I’m also gone use the Kaoko cruise controll kit for easyer riding on longer straights.
    Thank’s any way 🙂

  9. Moto says:

    Arne, good luck. I found an illustrated diagram from a supplier here in the U.S. You can see the slotted pieces that are meant to replace the counterweights. Good luck!

  10. Arne Haaland says:

    Hmmmm, seems like I have to bye a new kit of steel bar to get the counter weight with slots.
    I can give it a try with the late and mill to sort it out…
    Or do the most simple, to contact the seller in Germany.
    Again thank’s 🙂

  11. Moto says:

    Good luck!

  12. Arne Haaland says:

    I have now mounted the handguards with a huge help from one of the apprentice at work.
    He had little to do at work this day, so he did some traing in the late and mill, and the steering wights in 316L, stainless steel, looks great.
    The OEM steering weight’s is in carbon steel, and are sligtly heavyer.
    I guess I would’nt notice the difference.

    Have a nice motorcycle year….!!! 🙂

  13. Arne Haaland says:

    I did also mounted a Kaoko Cruise Controll wheel.
    It help’s to relax in the throttle arm on longer straits.
    In RSA, South Africa, where they are made, the Kaoko wheel doesn’t cost “more” then 88,- RSA dollar. + shipping.
    On the eBay some claiming $125,- for the same….
    If you are planing to mount a cruise controll like that, you have to take some of the frontbrake leaver bracket on the handelbar, about 2-3mm.
    It’s to tight passage.

  14. Arne Haaland says:

    I’m sorry….!!!!
    The Kaoko Cruise Controll wheel cost $88,- + shipping….
    Phuu, that was close… 🙂

  15. Moto says:

    Arne, thanks for all the details! Glad you got everything working.

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