I think this photo was taken on our last day coming out of the mountains, heading back towards Marrakech, which would have been Day 6. We hit the pavement near this big lake. It was a really narrow road, which made the riding interesting, dealing with oncoming traffic and all. I look back on the map which has a trace of our route, and I can’t be sure what area this is. Maybe Tim can leave a comment and refresh my memory?

Coming down from the mountains in Morocco.

Coming down from the mountains in Morocco.

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2 Responses to Morocco Photo of the Day: 02/07/12

  1. tim says:

    Hi Tom,
    This is the road down from Ijoukak where we passed the old gold mine from the 1920’s and then had lunch in the auberge (the whole roast chicken tajiine).
    The road is the Ourika valley road past the lake and down to Marrakech, about 90kms in total.
    Last part of the adventure!

  2. Moto says:

    No, Tim. The last part of the adventure was the riot in Marrakech after the football match! Thanks for jogging my memory on the details. I just made a note on the map after finding Ijoukak. I remember that last tajine well, it was the best one.

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