The problem with our Morocco moto trip with Tim Skilton and Edo Mossi of Loco For Motos, there was no problem. The problem is, after the trip, I never really did a very good job of sharing all the wonderful photos that were collected from this trip. Dude, you should do an ADVrider post. No time for that. I’m starting a new feature here on the old IAATB blog: Morocco Moto Trip Photo of the Day, or POD, as my friends at Snowbird call them. I may not post one every day, see. I may forget, or have other important stuff to do. But I’m going to post as many as I can, in no logical order, with a few notes about each one, so followers can get a sense of what a great trip this was. So great, that even a year later, we’re still thinking about the places we went, the people we met, the windows that got kicked in during street riots, the stimulating massages, well, you get the picture. The first Morocco POD needs no commentary. You figure it out.

Photo taken in the Erg Chegaga dunes of Morocco

Nacho Libre of the Erg Chegaga. Photo by Dave, Ben or Steve.

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  1. Name says:

    Beware of Timmy the fox. Once a fox but not always a fox Spain is a little more cannie than it seems. C u Next Time ???

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