For today’s Morocco POD, I give you a double bonus. In a previous post, our fearless guide jogged my memory by describing a location that I was having a hard time remembering. My memory is often inexplicably tied to food, and all it took was for Tim to mention the last Tajine with the whole chickens we had out on the patio of a small auberge in the mountains:

“This is the road down from Ijoukak where we passed the old gold mine from the 1920′s and then had lunch in the auberge (the whole roast chicken tajine).The road is the Ourika valley road past the lake and down to Marrakech, about 90kms in total. Last part of the adventure!”

Bon appétit!

Traditional Tajine with chicken.

Delicious yard bird tajine and vegetables baked to perfection.


Traditional Moroccan meal of tajine.

One of our last communal meals out on the trail.

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2 Responses to Morocco Photo of the Day: 2/22/2012

  1. jealous of that tagine right about now.

  2. Moto says:

    That was one of the highlights of the trip!

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