During one of those classic spring overlap days, where it’s not quite winter anymore, but it’s cold and nasty enough to not want to get too far from home on the bike, I needed to go pick up some skis from getting a stone grind tune at Podium Ski Service. So here is my recipe for a BMW F800 GS ski rack. Ingredients: 3 bungee cords. Holds 1 pair of alpine skis reasonably well, even at highway speeds. Of course it helps if you have something to attach the bungees to, in my case, the pannier frames from my Touratech Zega Pro aluminum panniers.

BMW F800 GS Ski Rack

All you need is a couple bungees.

It’s always best to watch out for Skippies when hauling ass through the outback. This video was passed on by Darth Nater, who originally found it passed along by our Touratech friends Tweeting the heck out of the Twitterverse under the @TouratechUSA handle. Check it out:

I’ll admit it, there is nothing about Harley Davidson that I ever felt compelled to write about. I’ll probably never go to Sturgis. I lament the sudden closing down of Buell, and the loss of the almost-adventure bike, the Buell Ulysses XB12X. But then I see this post from Bike EXIF about the SHAW SPEED & CUSTOM XLST3, and I think to myself. It’s got two wheels, knobbies, and attitude to spare. Scoot on over to Bike EXIF and check it out. Maybe I will go to Sturgis, if this bike is going to be on display.

Custom Harley photo courtesy of Bike EXIF website.

This is one badass scrambler.

Custom Harley photo courtesy of Bike EXIF, sideview.

Not sure what good the skid plate will do.

Read the full story and see more pics of this bike at Bike EXIF.