My glove collection is a lot like my wife’s shoe collection. We both have way more pairs than we need, but never seem to have the right ones when we need them. At least that’s what she says. It’s nice having heated grips on the F800 GS, but for cold weather riding, I’ve never had that perfect pair of gloves that is warm enough for sub-freezing temperatures, but not too bulky that they don’t interfere with the throttle, clutch, etc. Previously, I relied on a pair of Cloudveil Troller ski gloves, more or less a leather insulated spring glove. The Klim PowerXcross glove seems like a crossover snowmobile/motorcycle glove. This pair came to me from Motorcycle Superstore, as I was the happy recipient of a gift card from a relative during the holidays. My first impressions:

I read the user reviews on other Klim gloves which seemed to indicate their sizing ran a little small. I normally wear a medium in just about everything, but one thing I hate is when gloves are too small, and when you curve your hands around the throttle or hand grips, they pull on the ends of your fingers. That will really make your digits go numb. Best to have a little extra room, but not too much. I ordered the size Large in the PowerXross, and they are spot on. My advice, go a size up from what you normally wear.

Top shelf materials and construction. I love just about anything made from Schoeller Keprotec material. These also feature Clarino palms and a full Gore-Tex liner, so they are supposed to be waterproof (guaranteed). We’ll see. Perhaps I have found the perfect cold weather moto glove?

Klim PowerXross Glove

photo from Motorcycle Superstore's website.

So what’s on your moto list for Santa? There are so many farkles I have been lusting after for the upcoming moto season, things to make my bike ride better, things to make my riding more comfortable, things to keep my body intact in the event of an “off.” Most of them are rather big ticket items, so I didn’t put any of these on my list for my family to think about. I didn’t drop any subtle hints like “Gee, I’d really like that $1,200 KLIM Rally jacket. So Santa, this one is for you: I’ve been pretty good this year. I’ve had a few ups and downs. I had one mishap that scared the bejeezus out of me, and escaped with nothing more than a bad ankle sprain which is still quite bothersome when I go skiing, but I won’t complain. At least I’m skiing. But just in case you have any room left in the sled, here are a few things I wouldn’t mind under the tree:

1. KLIM Rally Jacket and Pants (Size small jacket. Size 32 pants).
2. Spot II Satellite GPS Messenger and 1-year subscription. Just in case.
3. Scotts Steering Stabilizer for the BMW F800 GS.
4. Renazco Custom Saddle. Without the 15 month wait.
5. Set of Xenon(HID) + Fog lights for the BMW F800GS from Touratech.

I believe, Santa, I believe.

Well, we did it. Chris Bowes aka New Chris picked me up at about 11:00 am and we drove down to BMW Motorcycles of Salt Lake City to pick up his new 2010 Lava Orange F800 GS. The dealership was crawling with all sorts of eye candy, it was hard to stay focused on the task at hand. We were immediately greeted by Mike the owner, but he had to deal with a demo F800 that had been dumped on a test ride. Pretty stressful actually, the demo bike was trashed! Chris’ new bike was inside, adorned with the BMW aftermarket hand guards, and a sweet set of SW Motech engine protector bars. I’ve been shopping lately for engine bars, and had previously been looking at Adventure Spec and Alt Rider models, but I must say, the SW Motech version in now in the consideration set.

2010 BMW F800 GS, Lava Orange

Chris' new rig, all shined up and ready to go.

Before leaving the dealership, we had an enlightening chat with Mike about the current state of affairs. Now I won’t get into the politics here, for fear of dropping a pin on the spectrum of left to right for myself or the others involved. Let’s just say we were marveling at the craziness of how changing media influences our so-called modern society to be so quickly polarized and ill-informed. The old “I read it on the internet so it must be true argument.” The three moto scholars dropped some big names: Thomas L. Friedman, the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynahan. Then, Tom Paine was invoked, something like:

“When men yield up the privilege of thinking, the last shadow of liberty quits the horizon.”

Or perhaps it was this:

“Reason obeys itself; and ignorance submits to whatever is dictated to it.”

Or perhaps it was more relevant to motorcycling:

“Lead, follow, or get out of the way.”

Not the sort of discussion you expect in a motorcycle shop, but I suppose you should always be open to the possibility of surprise and delight, otherwise life can get pretty dull, pretty quick.

BMW Motorcycles of Salt Lake City

Mike and Chris, talking shop, politics, religion, football, just kidding.

I rode the bike back to Park City for Chris because he hasn’t put much time in on a moto for a few years and he was not so sure about having his first ride in Utah be in afternoon traffic on I-15. The bike rode like a charm, and Chris followed me all the way up the hill, until I parked in his driveway 3 houses down. I took one last parting shot of Chris sitting on the new bike, before walking back to the IAATB home office.

Brand new BMW F800 GS, Lava Orange.

New Chris. New Bike. Park City's newest F800 rider has arrived.