41 year old twat waffle Duane “Dewey” Dickey get s lifetime ban for popping EPO and other performance enhancing medicines, and for failing to cooperate with an out of competition test by USADA. Read all about it in the Velo News. Let’s just say, when you have been racing as long as I have, you hear rumors. And we’ve all heard the rumors.

Why is this significant, that a little known local legend from the midwest gets a lifetime ban? It’s significant to me, because when friends and family members ask me with disbelief “do you really think local guys are doping just to be top cat in the local race series, I always have a tough time being emphatic solely based on just hearsay and rumors. This is sad really, I don’t know this guy, but generally don’t give much credit to lifetime cheats. You cheat all your life (or most of it), you should get a lifetime ban. Scratch another name from the 40+ Masters Nationals start list in Bend next summer! It might just be me and you, Timmer.

Updates keep rolling in from Darth and Esteban, which is a good thing, because it more or less means they are safe and out of trouble. It’s the modern day version of a series of postcards from the places they have been, only in digital format, delivered in realtime, then twisted and distorted by me to make it seem like they are really not missing the rest of the posse one bit on this trip. Current location, Goulding’s Lodge near Monument Valley. By the way, if you dig the photo effects in the images below, Darth is shooting through a new iPhone 4 with the Hipstamatic iPhone App (affiliate link). I highly recommend it. IAATB approved for documenting moto trips.

Motorcycle Touring in Shonto, Arizona

Darth hitting red dirt in Shonto, AZ.

Pabst Blue Ribbon on Ice

A bucket of ice and one can of PBR?

Esteban Frito

Malt Liquor always tastes better in your underwear.

Notes from the road: ...Hauled ass to get to Gouldings Lodge in Monument Valley in time for the sunset. Pulled up to the cafe to enjoy the fabulous desert expanse and enjoy a beer while I wait for Steve. Alas, all their beer is non-alcoholic. “But I want ALCOHOLIC beer!” I said. “Then you’ll have to drive 20 miles, back the way you came.” D’oh!

Darth Nater and Esteban Frito are out on the road, doing a grand tour of Utah, Arizona, and Colorado. Two riders ain’t quite a posse, but it’s sometimes easier when you only have two to keep ticking off the miles, so I am sure these guys are getting along just fine. I would love to be on this trip, but as this summer was winding down, the pressures of work, and commitment of being around for my kid going back to school made it a 5 day trip unrealistic. Here’s a quick update from the boys on the road:

Red Bull and Fig Newtons: a motorcyclist's lunch

Photo from the road from Darth Nater

Note from Darth: “…The Skyline Drive was as good as it gets. Just enough sprinkles to make it tacky. In Salina now, making a few calls and enjoying an appetizer before 2 more hrs of pave to Brian Head. While still fun, these trips are always better with a few mates.”