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BMW F800 GS Utah

A bike portrait on top of one of my favorite rides.

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I’ve been reading an excellent book about the sport of cyclocross, Behind the Stare by Geoff Proctor. I wish the organizers of the UCI World Championships in Louisville, Kentucky had built into the price of admission, 1 copy of the book for every ticket sold. Not only is it so informative about the roots and culture of modern cyclocross, it gives one a heightened sense of awareness of just how significant the 2013 worlds in Louisville will be looked upon years from now, for the sport as a whole, for the sport here in the U.S., and for the drama that unfolded as Sven Nys captured the rainbow jersey as champion. I started reading it after my trip to Louisville. It was sitting on my nightstand since Christmas 2012, and I started it because I had a cyclocross hangover and needed some hair of the dog. Let me quote a passage from the foreword written by the Canibaal himself, your current world champion, and winner in Louisville (I hope Geoff won’t mind, as you can tell, I am HIGHLY recommending you buy his book and read it yourself):

“The World Championship in Louisville is very important for our sport. Europe is coming to you and it will be an amazing event. It will increase the exposure of our sport. In 2011 at the press conference in Koksijde, Belgium, I announced I would be racing my last World Championship because I feel that it will be difficult for me to become world champion again. I am a cyclist who is most successful when I can be consistent throughout the season with few ups and downs, and ride hard year round. However, as ambassador of an international sport I cannot be absent in Louisville and feel the need to help promote cyclocross in the United States. Therefore, I will be at the start of the World Championship in Louisville at 36 years of age, full of ambition to once again become world champion. With the support of the people in the United States, I will dig deep once more.”

Dig deep indeed you did, Sven, and we thank you for that. The rest is history. Beyond history, this is the stuff of legend.

Now go buy this book.

Sven Nys racing in Louisville, KY photo by Thomas Cooke

Sven Nys came, he rode, he ran, he conquered Louisville.