Below is a link to recent daytrip around part of the Great Salt Lake. The IAATB crew consisted of Moto, Darth, Bartman, Han Solo, and @ScottSLC. We need to think of a good road name for Scott.

Here’s the link, if the embedded slideshow doesn’t work properly, as in, if you can’t view Flash.

This is my first time taking a crack at posting to IAATB via iPad. The new WordPress app for iPad plus a brand new camera connector kit will make this here iPad thingie a blogging machine. Funny, because all the haters say you can’t create content. There. I just did.

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It’s really too bad these bikes are only available in Japan. The retro 70’s trail bike style would be super fun for knocking around the Wasatch Mountains. Maybe they’ll make it to the U.S.?

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