Tale of a Stolen Tent

Our recent June Moto Rally had several chapters that were stories within the story. While I’m not convinced they would add up to make a book anyone would want to pay money for, it would have a little bit of everything. Amazing scenery. Wipeouts. Broken bikes. Broken bodies. The miles measured out in 4 gallon […]

Skyline Drive Panorama

There is a stretch of straight dirt road on the top of Skyline Drive in Utah that is a very popular place to pull the bikes off to side, snap some photos of the “highest point” sign (10,897 feet!), and simply marvel at the views on both sides of the ridge. This is a panorama […]

Adventure On A 1930s Vintage Harley Davidson

This was supposed to be a 2012 New Year’s Resolution post, all about looking forward to riding more, drinking less, being helpful to fellow mankind, all that altruistic looking forward type of stuff. I’ll be honest. After how 2011 closed down for me, it’s hard to muster any sort of goodwill and cheer. I lost […]