A Brief and Colorful History of Alta Ski Area from their blog (which is not working)

I wrote this piece awhile back as a guest blogger when Connie Marshall was still running the big show up at Alta. It was published on their blog at this link http://www.alta.com/blog/a-brief-and-colorful-history-of-alta-ski-area-and-the-bright-future-ahead but for some reason the full story doesn’t load. Honestly, I am just reposting it here because occasionally people ask for writing samples, and this […]

It’s All About The Bike Merchandise

Awhile back, I made the announcement that we were working on some t-shirt and sticker designs for people in our Tribe. There have been countless times on moto rides, in the middle of nowhere in the west desert, you see an Alta snowflake sticker on a lonely road sign, someone had to put it there. […]