On Top Of Pine Cone Ridge, Park City Mountain Resort

Using a little trickery with an iPhone app called TiltShift Generator, this is what the view looked like, gazing back towards Scott’s Bowl. I was standing right under the Full Moon Bowl trail sign, waiting for a couple guys who were on snowboards. They had to hike this little section, giving me the moment to […]

Warm Before The Storm

This weekend in Park City, Utah was a pretty typical March weekend, where one has a hard time deciding whether to do something for fun on two wheels or two heels. On Saturday, I was hankering for a bike ride, so I pumped up my tires hard and took my 29er single speed out for […]

The Force is Strong In Park City

So Darth drags his BMW F 800 GS off the battery tender and rides it to breakfast at The Goldener Hirsch, because it’s the middle of January, sunny, and he doesn’t feel like skiing, or because he just can’t wait until the thaw to get out and ride it. He tells me this story that […]