Real Tyme Bicycle Rack for the BMW F800 GS

I wouldn’t quite call it an obsession, but ever since I took delivery of my BMW F800 GS, I’ve been searching for a solution to carry a bicycle on it. I’ve considered cobbling something together with old rack parts and U-bolts. I’ve considered riding up to Logan and having Jake make me a prototype of […]

Moto Cuisine of Morocco

The most-often asked question I’ve heard since returning from a 10 day motorcycle tour around Morocco: How was the food? The food was amazing. Simple and traditional would be the best way to describe it. Our guide Tim assured us that all of the places we would eat on this trip were “safe” as he […]

Custom Bike Rack On A BMW GS

I’ve seen a few custom racks out there that motorcycle riders have fashioned so they can take their bicycles along for the adventure. I spotted this one parked outside the Park City Home Depot. The idea of packing up the mountain bike and heading down to Moab has always sounded good to me. This one […]