A Brief and Colorful History of Alta Ski Area from their blog (which is not working)

I wrote this piece awhile back as a guest blogger when Connie Marshall was still running the big show up at Alta. It was published on their blog at this link http://www.alta.com/blog/a-brief-and-colorful-history-of-alta-ski-area-and-the-bright-future-ahead but for some reason the full story doesn’t load. Honestly, I am just reposting it here because occasionally people ask for writing samples, and this […]

On Top Of Pine Cone Ridge, Park City Mountain Resort

Using a little trickery with an iPhone app called TiltShift Generator, this is what the view looked like, gazing back towards Scott’s Bowl. I was standing right under the Full Moon Bowl trail sign, waiting for a couple guys who were on snowboards. They had to hike this little section, giving me the moment to […]