Why do you need the KTM Twins Billet Fuel Filler assembly, it’s just a gas cap, right? Wrong. It’s really an anodized CNC-ed work of art, designed to complement the looks of your KTM 690 Enduro R, and solve a few problems. Problem number 1: you have a soft bag on the back of your bike behind the seat, and every time you want to refuel (which is often, if all you have is the stock fuel capacity), you basically have to remove the bag to get enough room to put the key in and remove the stock filler cap. I think it will be much easier to loosen the twist cap and get the filler hose in the tank, and won’t require almost completely removing your soft bags to get at the cap. Problem number 2 which is less of a nuisance and more of a problem: the stock triangular piece, when removed, can allow dirt that has accumulated down in the recession to fall into the tank and get in your fuel system, which can hurt your purty lil motor. Problem solved. Finally, as KTM Twins explains in the instructions, if you ever lose your billet cap for some reason, you can can always replace it with an easily attainable ACERBIS small gas cap. So don’t lose your billet one, because it’s way cooler.

Now the negatives. The instructions in my kit were not super clear. The stock filler assembly must be completely removed from the top of the tank, which is easy enough, BUT BE EXTRA CAREFUL that you don’t drop any of the short OEM bolts into the tank, (Brad). The KTM Twins kit comes with a spacer and extra O-ring. This is confusing. The instructions say in bold on the first page: “Special Note: Your kit comes with an additional O-Ring and Spacer Plate. Please make sure to use this spacer in your installation.” But later in the instructions, it says to use the spacer plate and O-Ring “…if applicable to your year.” It would be nice if they had a fitment chart that said which year needs the spacer.

I installed it without the spacer plate, then thought I should reassemble it with the spacer plate. In retrospect, with the spacer plate, the whole assembly say too high above the bodywork of my bike and just didn’t look right, so I reassembled without the spacer plate, and it looks much better. Unless someone at KTM Twins tells me I did it wrong, I’m sticking with this option, as it looks better and it seems to have a nice tight seal with the tank.

I would say this is must-have farkle for your 690 Enduro R if you do any amount of adventure touring.

KTM Twins billet filler cap for the 690 Enduro R.

KTM Twins billet filler cap for the 690 Enduro R.

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